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So in addition to the stupendous visuals, exciting effects, compelling stories and riveting gameplay, Fate of the Galaxy will be featuring a complete orchestral soundtrack for your cruising-around-blowing-stuff-up enjoyment.  I recently picked up a nicer set of sample instruments, so I thought now might be a good time to post an early WIP cut to show the direction some of the music is taking.  This will also be the debut of our first leitmotif, the FotG main theme, which serves in a similar function to both Luke's theme and the Force theme from the trilogy.  The beginning portion of this preview is from the main menu screen, and the faster part is one of our battle tracks.  Don't forget to turn it up!

Hmm... This isn't the same track as we have on SVN, is that correct?

Interesting. Reminds me a lot of the music in the classic Star Wars games in the 90s. And that's a good thing.

Whoa, that sounds awesome. It starts with a "soft" beginning, and then it swells up into epic heights. The last seconds give me the same feeling i had at the end of Episode V, when the Falcon heads towards Tatooine and the end of Episode III, where the Music theme is switching to the one from Episode IV.

Great work here, wanna hear moar. NAO!

hmmmm I really liked it. It reminded me of old school Zelda, but also in league with the soundtrack from supream commander forge alliance by Jeremy Soule. It gets me pumped up and the tune is very catchy.

I really wanted to grab my joystick and start doing circles around those scummy rebels and for a finale watching those MC80's go kaboom. 


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