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Around three months ago, I was contacted by a mysterious character named Admiral Snackbar.  In recognition of this fine username, I decided before even opening the PM to award this person with either my car, one night with my Burt Bacharach bootleg tape collection, or the complete midi source files to the FotG soundtracks.

Fortunately for us, Snackbar turned out to be a talented producer with a keen ear and a great deal of experience with orchestral music.  Even better, the good Admiral is a professional horn player, meaning that some of our most important solo passages will feature actual performances by a real life human™!

The track you are about to hear (assuming you click the link) represents our latest effort and is probably very close to what will appear in the final game.  If you do not click the link, I will make no guarantees about your impending aural experiences.  In pursuit of that great sound we all remember from the original LSO recordings, Snackbar has left no reverb unauditioned, even going so far as to emulate the spectral curves of the individual mics used to capture each instrument on the Abbey Road 1 soundstage.  Please report on how far your socks are knocked off, and in what direction(s), for science.  Without further ado,

It's so... happy. And exciting.

Excellent quality, really awesomesauce. My socks were rocked off due east at a speed of 2km/s. Took my feet with them. Ow.

Nicely done!  It's not John Williams, but it works.  Socks went in a north-by-northwesterly direction about 50', where they ran into a wall and could go no further.

Very, very nice! Unfortunately, I was barefooted while listening to the track, so I am unable to provide any valuable data on my socks.

It is amazing what is done with midi here.  (personally I don't think midi can quite replace actual instruments, but short of finding GOOD people to fill the gap in recording the alternative makes sense).

Swash, I wanted to know if the other posted piece was tweeked by this guy as well?  I listened to the two for comparison sake and the newer post I can defiantly hear some of the effects.  Not so much on the other.

Unfortunately I had no socks on either, but my wife in the other room asked if I was watch something.  I did not answer right away.  Then she asked if it was something from Star Wars EU.  I think that will do in place of sock data. :)


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