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Auditions for voice acting are now open!  See the stickied voice acting thread on our main board.

Also, as one user assumed incorrectly:

--- Quote ---Mar 16 [18:24:52] * mib_v6udxm ([email protected]) has joined #SCP-SWC
Mar 16 [18:25:48] <mib_v6udxm> hey, since there havent been any news i suppose this mod is dead, could you pls update the site so that all ppl can clearly see that its dead?
Mar 16 [18:26:54] <mib_v6udxm> imou
Mar 16 [18:26:55] <mib_v6udxm> t
Mar 16 [18:26:58] * mib_v6udxm has quit (Client Quit)

--- End quote ---

We're not dead!  Apparently grammar is.  Regardless, we've been pretty busy doing a lot of behind the scenes work that isn't as easy to show off in screenshots as the earlier stuff is, plus we're far enough along that we need to start maintaining a bit of mystery for you all.  We have been making some posts on the Fate of the Galaxy ModDB page as well, and our forums have been pretty busy internally.  You'd think the presence of half the staff in the IRC chatroom might have been an indicator that there's still some activity surrounding this mod, but I guess it doesn't hurt to spell it out once in a while :P

I'm still following even if I havent done a ton of modeling, and I already applied to Voice Acting, I know you guys arent dead, your modelers are just quiet!


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