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[RELEASE] Diaspora : Shattered Armistice Patch 1.1

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The problem with uploading it to fs2downloads is that despite the name, that's actually my own personal website, so only I have access. And I unfortunately am on such a slow connection at the moment that downloading the 300MB linux patch has so far proved to be a no-go. I'll give it another try tomorrow though.

If your willing to trust a random stranger on the internet, PM me a temporary FTP password and I could do the upload.


--- Quote from: karajorma on May 18, 2014, 08:55:11 am ---That shouldn't have happened. The update does include new pilot code but it shouldn't have damaged your existing pilot files.

--- End quote ---

First, thank you for what is probably one of the most professional, well made mods I have ever played.  I was around 18 when Freespace 2 came out and can't believe how the community has progressed.  It has been a pleasure to come back to the title with such amazing mod support.  With that said [I am not trying to be a d*ck at all here; just saying] next time you update any pilot code can you PLEASE warn people first so we can backup our files just in case? 

I too have lost a long night worth of gameplay when installing 1.1 or 1.1.1 patch.  I have no idea which patch caused the issue because when I downloaded the mod, I did not know there was a patch and just played to mission 6 with version 1.0 until I hit the bug where you can't continue.  I killed ion (and then accidentally though gleefully ran into parts of his busted ship] only to have it tell me I failed that objective.  It happened twice, so I decided to check out the forums and found there was two patches.  I quit the game, installed the first [1.1] which installed correctly with out issue, and then installed patch 1.1.1 which also installed correctly.  Lastly, I started the game only to find the screen was set back to non stretch [I had to fix this in options] and while my profile was still there, my game was reset back to mission 1 [training].  I wouldn't mind too much but the training is brutal to sit through, especially for those of us who know how to play.  Secondly, in my elderly old age I never have a chance to game anymore, so losing a night worth of gaming is a big loss.

Is there any way to get back that save game, or does anyone have a save game that's on mission 6 and NOT failed any previous missions secondary objectives, including saving the lost pilot in the bonus mission?

For reference, I am using Win 7 x64 Ultimate, it's a one day old fresh rebuild of the OS, and fresh install of Freespace 2.  The reset happened the load after both patches, so I am positive that's what caused the issue.  Secondly, if I had to guess the ion bug was due to the fact you have less than 12 seconds [at least in my game] after the cut scene to kill him or he jumps, and I think the game takes a second or two to register the kill.  You might want to try increasing it to 20 seconds as that will still be challenging for most people and see if it helps the game engine catch up to register the kill.  I know I killed him both times [after several reloads] as there was an explosion and parts of his ship that I clearly ran into at least once while avoiding them the second time.  As for the profile getting deleted, I am pretty sure it's due to "some changes in the pilot code".  /wink

I'm off to bed.  I may have a chance next week to do some gaming and will try again.  Thanks for an amazing mod and all your hard work.  Even with the disappointment of a night lost, it has been an amazing experience flying around the BSG world playing an amazing mod. 

Sorry to hear that the pilot conversion failed.  The old pilot files should be safe in their old directory (Diaspora/data/players/single/inferno), if you can attach both the .pl2 and .cs2 for the pilot that had the issue I'll see if I can fix the conversion issue.

For a quicker alternative, you can play mission 6 by selecting "Tech Data -> Mission Simulator -> Campaign missions", then press CTRL-SHIFT-s to unlock all the missions in the campaign.

BTW You can skip training by clicking the top left 'Skip training' button in briefing.


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