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Currently needed and WIP ships (Updated 12/1/21)

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With the completion of the Corvette, I'm happy to announce that all ship assets required for our initial release are now in-game!  This is an important milestone that brings us that much closer to release.  That said, there's still plenty of ships available that could still make it into a first or second mod release.  We're currently short on talented modelers and texture artists, so this is your chance to make an important contribution to this project.

Abandoned or no work done:
Corellian Gunship - Model and UVs complete by Axim, needs texture
Tector Star Destroyer (could easily share the same base model as the ISD-I)
"Wingless" Liberty Mon Cal
Note: while there are only 3 variants of Mon Cal in RotJ on screen, there could certainly be a use in the game for a larger variety, especially filling in gaps between the Nebulon-B and Liberty sizes.  They could, but do not have to be based on any existing EU ships.

R-22 - Klavs provided us with high-poly model.  Needs conversion to be suitable for our mod.
Gallofree Transport - Limbert is now working on a new model.  Currently in texturing phase as of 12/1/21

Needs work:
DX9 Stormtrooper Transport

Rogue One:
Ships from this movie that could potentially be useful and fit thematically with FotG:
Shield Gate
MC75 Cruiser

Expanded Universe
Any EU ship can potentially be accepted for the project, given it matches the level of quality required and fits thematically.  Chief1983 ultimately has the final say as to what will be accepted.  It's much more important that the model is high-quality and fits well with the OT movies than matching any existing images/models/data from non-movie sources (including previous X-Wing games).

Specific EU ships we'd potentially like:
Interdictor Cruiser

Be sure to search and read through all existing forum threads regarding any EU ship you're considering to avoid repeating mistakes or pitfalls from previous attempts.

Why is the Executor is on this list?

Because it was in the ESB and RoTJ, I suppose. Notice that this list pretty much covers every important ship that appeared in SW movies, besides the ones already in FoTG.

As Dragon said, just because it's a movie ship.  That said, we're not looking for a fully-functional and detailed Executor - and not just because of the insane amount of work it would require to make one up to the standards of the mod.  There's just no real way we could balance it against our other ships and we don't have any real need for it in the game at this point.  Granted, skimming along the entire length in an A-Wing would be awesome, but probably not worth the work it would take.

Currently Water is looking into creating a "LOD" model to be used in the background of missions, that you'd never get close enough to actually engage.

I also added the Corellian Gunship to the list.  It just needs a texture but nobody owns it currently.

Lots of points make sense and yeah the model is not that  good quality.

About the mid ships... what happened with the interdictors, victory class, nebulon B and B2 class frigs for the imperials? aren't those the middle ground between dreads and ISDs?


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