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Let's see, now there are a lot more space for Elf-hater characters.

Oh yeah, I forgot one more thing

Admiral Kalazonitov is badass

I really liked how narrow this episode's story was, placing it on a mercenary ship was a perfect idea for an introductory release.
There's nothing in here that could overwhelm new players: no huge info-dumps, no huge new-game-mechanics-dumps, no overly-complex missions. I know WoD was a popular mod, but i'm guessing there's still quite a few people who never completed it (i'm one of them), and this episode is perfect for bringing those people into the WoD universe. There's no excuse for not trying this out, especially considering the effort that was put into it, go play it!

One thing I didn't like was the total lack of faction/history data in the database; the info in the short conversation with justice and tempest as short and simple as it might have seemed was 100% abstract at the time, so i didn't really process it and suffered from wtf is this acronym syndrome later. I feel that a couple of short, one-paragraph entries in the database would help keep you on top of what's going on in the game.

Ok, played it and it was great, I enjoyed it more than any consumer product I have purchased in a very long time.

As a game, it is damn near perfect, the story is interesting and engaging, and the universe is very well fleshed out at this point, human factions are a little transparent but depth can come latter. This has the making of a true Sci-fi property and I don't want to see it go to waist. We need to get this out there.
Come on people, I want to see some fan art, and fanfics. Someone could publish a novel on this rich a story, there's so much to work with here. 
The only problem I have now, is that now, I want more, MORE!

The between mission story sequences were a little hard to figure out since I changed the controls.

--- Quote ---I agree with FrikgFeek, though: the random Japanese sound bytes should go.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, that was a little painful to listen to.

Just finished up. As expected from having played nothing but autoaim for years, I couldn't aim for ****, so that took some getting used to. The alternate control setup is actually pretty good (I daresay better than the default FreeSpace one if you can get over the force of habit).

Brief Thoughts

VN segments (that's impressive scripting :eek2: only thing missing is the number options actually working like having numbers for options would suggest haha)
The reworked universe - a lot more depth an thought put in, while still having the feel of the original
Title character being main character
2Fighters1Cruiser (and I like what you did to the Rhea design for the Zephyr)
Last Inferno

Colony (wasn't dropped onto anything :( )
Bombs-in-the-tunnel (amazing idea, if only the outcome was a bit more consistent)
Card Game (couldn't actually play it :( )
Felt like a demo/prequel (MOAAAAAR)

RiP Misuzu, Crystal, JGASF
Cliff hangar
Running out of ammo shooting at Winter/Autumn, realizing no support ship, and being stuck in endless dogfight where nobody could kill the other because they couldn't hit me and I couldn't outdamage their shield management/regen and hull regen (I get the story reasons for no support ship, but it opens up the possibility of being "stuck" until you give up and get shot down on purpose)


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