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Fleet stats

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Flanks consist of 15 command points, so half of the center.
Tactical movement speed is not affected, but I've found in most of my test cases that 5 orders tends to be plenty to move your fleets around.

Updated with DD ships and fleets.
My head is spinning with numbers.

Is 'Fire control' important? I see all carriers have it. Does it only mean 'flagship' (i.e. the fleet gets messed up if you lose the carrier?)

Also: 'Artillery' attack for DD cruisers has different range in 'Fleet' and 'Ship' spreadsheets.

Fire control adds a +3 hit bonus on point defense and secondary batteries (all the 0-0 range weapons basically) to all allied fleets currently on the same grid as the fleet that has the carrier.
You can't lose individual ships in a fleet, but of course the bonus is gone if the fleet flank/center the ship is in gets wiped out.

Another thing that I forgot to ask: must a fleet have the same types of Centre and Flanks? I.e. must a player fleet be 'Patrol Right Flank, Patrol Centre, Patrol Left Flank', or can you go 'Patrol Right Flank, Assault Centre, Potato Left Flank'?


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