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Bulk Cruiser (XWAUP)


A bit off-topic, but not entirely...

...Remember those terribad cruisers the Alliance started with in Rebellion? Yes, those. But they were also charming and looked like they could fit in with the SW setting, if only because we willed them to. Of course, I'm referring to the Neutron Star-Class Bulk Cruiser. And, it seems that our friends over at the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project just scored themselves a new one, and the modeller just knocked it out of the park:

...For more images, go to the "Progress" and then the "General Starships" tabs. There's even a sweet spin animation they put up!

Wow, they made a crappy ship look awesome (again). What's more, they made the crappiest ship in XWA look awesome. That's no mean feat.

Looks fine :)


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