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So, this is another semi-OT subject matter for this particular board, but I don't think folks will mind:

The X-Wing Virtual Machine!

...I spent quite a while looking for updates on this over the weekend, and seeing as several of them are fairly recent, that was very encouraging indeed. Essentially, the XWVM is a rebuilt application of TG's old X-Wing "simulator." It is a mod, per-se, which to my understanding uses (or has the option to use) the old game assets, but runs the program with modern standards. If you follow the previous link, I think you'd be quite impressed if you've not heard of this before.

I ultimately deemed to start a thread here, as I also noted some familiar names:  FekLeyrTarg (ohai!).

Needless to say, if you've not heard of this one, I think it's worth keeping up with.

Indeed! We have close ties with XWVM, and we both have many of the same beta testers. They are doing some great work over there, so go check it out! For folks who are interested most of the chatter occurs on the XWVM Discord, similar to FotG.

Respective links to Discord channels:


Fate of the Galaxy:

Did FotG share models with that project too?


--- Quote from: Nightmare on January 27, 2020, 08:48:52 pm ---Did FotG share models with that project too?

--- End quote ---
There's been some talk about sharing but so far both FotG and XWVM have their own unique models.


Thank you for the Discord links - had a great chat last night with some of the XWVM staff. Again, really looking forward to a release date!


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