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[FotG Update] Fall 2020

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Gozandi Class is Canon - same was seen also in EP1
and now the Arquitens. Seen both also in Rebels.

Chance we see it in FotG?

Spoilers from Mandalorian Season 2!!!

At this points the core team has no plans to add new larger ship models, as we do not have the available modeling and texturing capabilities. We are always happy to evaluate quality community submissions if they come with a model and texture though, such as the recently added U-wing and Liberty Cruiser.

As an aside, we do have a Carrack, which holds 4 TIEs similar to a Gozandi, and a Strike Class Cruiser, which is similar in role/firepower to a Arquitens.  :)

Scourge of Ages:
I also think this still looks great!

Thanks! Perhaps we should share another Winter update for folks soon, too :)


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