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[FotG Update] Fall 2023


It's been a few months since our last official forum update, so all of us at Fate of the Galaxy want to share what we have been working on during the fall. A highlight list includes the following:

* Added the CR70, which provides a very useful corvette craft, especially for pirates and smugglers (thanks LionSGI for original model and Dark Visor for getting both the model and texture upgraded!).
* Added the versatile space mine. Options include setting the mine as ion or explosive and seeker or proximity type and setting custom explosion sizes/damages and setting proximity radii (thanks Dark Visor!). 
* Added FotG FRED doc as default help documentation in FRED. This means a FREDer can open FRED, click on the Help tab, and a link to the FotG FRED Manual will open (thanks to Dark Visor again for all his work on the FotG FRED doc, and bonus thanks to Goober for making custom Help Documents work well).
* Updated cockpit shadows with multiple improvements. First all cockpit models were updated with a proper shadow cage and updated glow maps (thanks Limbert!). Second cockpit shadows were updated to interact with the shown ship model so things like moving s-foils will correctly change the shadows in the cockpit (thanks Lafiel!). Finally a custom cockpit shader was added, which combined with the other shadow updates makes cockpit shadows look far better than before.
* Updated multiple custom FotG features to support working in VR mode. Thanks to the technical wizardry of Lafiel, VR is on its way to being officially part of FSO!
* Updated hyperspace effects with additional optimizations. This update also allows us to much more easily combine hyperspace effects in FRED. Furthermore, hyperspace effects have been updated to work with freelook and VR.
* Updated shield gate movement to better match the style from the Battle of Scarif (thanks Dark Visor!).
* Updated BFF with improved textures, an AO map, and slight improvements (thanks Limbert!).
* Updated multiple missions and scripts with optimizations, cleanup, and polish. 
* Updated the gauge that shows linked guns status with better visibility.
* Updated Project Alderaan with many fixes, polish, and cleanup. 
* Fixed many, many other minor bugs, including some very sneaky FSO ones that Goober and Asteroth helped track down and fix.

Community Connections

We also want to showcase all the amazing work of the FSO and SCP devs. That team has added new rendering modes, bug fixes and optimizations, and multiple other enhancements that FotG takes full advantage of. Just to name a few, Lafiel has again shown his wizardry by adding an in-review feature to add VR to FSO, Goober continues to add highly useful enhancements and fixes, Asteroth has been working on fixes and the upcoming cockpit sway feature, and MjnMixael has authored many useful quality of life PRs for the SCP UI and other scripting aspects. In addition, taylor and ShivianSPS have pushed many updates for the excellent Knossos.NET launcher, which we in FotG have all shifted to using as it’s much faster and better optimized than classic Knossos. As always, there’s many other devs adding great fixes, features, and other enhancements, too.

Moving Forward

As always, thank you all for your support and enthusiasm! We are getting much closer to our internal milestones for a public release and once those final steps are done we will be extremely excited to share the game with everyone. In the meantime, here are some new shots of FotG in VR, the updated cockpit shadows, and a new ship. May the Force be with you!

May the Force be with you.

Can't wait to see my new graphic card running the awesome Fate of The Galaxy  ;7. Seeing new screenshots, your work here is simply awesome  :eek2: One question for the Fall 2023 update: Game will be available through Knossos or other way? As always thanks for these updates and your efforts to move the SW universe to FS engine!  :nod:

Thank you for your continued support, we very much appreciate it! To answer your question, yes FotG will be available through Knossos :)


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