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It's been a few months since our last official forum update, so all of us at Fate of the Galaxy want to share what we have been working on during the winter. A highlight list includes the following:

* Added cockpit sway to ships (thanks Asteroth!). This feature is toggled on by default, and adds an extra level and feeling to immersion because the cockpit sways according to speed and direction changes. 
* Add two new voice-acted personas, one new for Rebels and another new for Imperials (thanks ShapeShifter and Dobbsylondon, plus Ross for the audio filtering). 
* Updated uglies with extra, subtle markings (thanks Limbert!). This gives these ugly ships some extra character and more unique style, especially compared to the more standard markings of Rebel Alliance. 
* Updated so that FotG now fully supports VR (massive thanks again to Lafiel!!). This VR update is fully integrated into the FSO engine now, so players with VR can take full advantage of playing FotG and other modern FSO games in VR. 
* Updated all planet backgrounds with improved textures and increased options. Now there are no longer banding issues or repeated planets in the campaigns for different systems, which should help increase the level of uniqueness and immersion throughout campaigns. 
* Updated asteroid movement and rotation speeds to look more in line with the styles seen from the OT movies, which continues our goal of making FotG follow the aesthetics and feel of the movies as closely as possible. 
* Updated the E-wing and X-wing cockpit models with slight improvements (thanks Limbert!). This includes improving the AO maps and adding some extra model detail at the front of the cockpit and making the top gun barrel on the E-wing more detailed, all of which is much more easily seen now that VR and cockpit sway are possible.   
* Updated Project Alderaan with many fixes, polish, and cleanup. 
* Fixed many other minor bugs, including ensuring FotG now fully works on Macs as well as Linux and PC and optimizing for not only Nvidia cards, but also AMD cards and even integrated graphics cards (thanks Lafeil, m!m, and others for all this help). All of these fixes follow our goal to make FotG as polished as possible and available to many people with varying machines and systems.

Community Connections
As always, we want to highlight all the amazing work of the FSO and SCP devs here, too. That team has continued adding bug fixes, optimizations, and many other enhancements that FotG uses. Just to name a few, Lafiel has again shown his wizardry by merging VR and addressing AMD optimization issues with shaders, Goober continues to add highly useful enhancements and fixes, Asteroth added cockpit sway feature, and MjnMixael has authored many useful quality of life PRs for the SCP UI and other scripting aspects. In addition, ShivianSPS, taylor, and Cyborg have pushed many updates for the excellent Knossos.NET launcher, which we in FotG have all shifted to using as it’s much faster and better optimized than classic Knossos. As always, there’s many other devs adding great fixes, features, and other enhancements, too.

Moving Forward
Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm! We are getting very close to our internal milestones for a public release and once those final steps are completed, we will be extremely excited to share the game with everyone. Also feel free to check out our Discord Channel for more frequent chatter! In the meantime, here is a clip showing the new cockpit sway.

May the Force be with you.

So this year we'll probably get FotG as well as BtA2, what a year!

Thanks for your support, that indeed would be quite an exciting year for FSO projects!  :)

Vector Leader:
Outstanding. 🫡

Colonol Dekker:
Happy to help, be they Rebel Alliance or UEF, rebels are rebels and I happily do my part to aid the cause.


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