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Showing the background of the color where start confidence flows in excess the start which leaves. That begins the blurry and source of the clear color isn.t immediately. Confidence follows because of shortage between, as music making. Simultaneously, the color which flows compared to increases speed starts becoming clearly. Way confidence stops, music silence, and it makes clear pulling the camera, it is damaged directly and and makes the thruster of the bomber of the Terran discharge.

Pace of semi- frenzy being strong, you kick music for the second time. The boat to be hurt harshly, the operator almost in panic the hyperventilating. In order to make the painful brain signal, but the He.s which is tried that comm and the he.s therefore you take and queer the he.s which is disturbed you speak word you are impaired closely. The eyed he.s helmeted which as for that close-up surface show thing sweats, is wide.

Operator: [ Panting ] God of Ohio state, the which follows to me! Mayday! Mayday! The heavy damage where this was taken the lieutenant junior grade of gamma of the wing of patrol of the Terran which requires 3 niner. immediately fighter plane covers is reported to be, Ash rescue comes anyone!

Depending upon the fighter plane of the new kind where the scene it is cut off to making the operator who starts clatter concerning being the ambushed static it has the installation and the woman comm public official of the nearby troop is a relationship which is filled up. Making at the time of balance is a feeling in the proverb some comm public official of the he.s.

Operator: Mayday! Demand for immediately help! With who,!

Comm: At last, as for the which receives you the gamma 3 niner namely this what which is in your state where it is the vanguard riviera of the Terran which answers?

the operator: As for Ohio state, you appreciate in God! The ambushed there were our wings! We possess didn.t chance. The I.m secure which pursues me!

Comm: Did calmness attack everyone's you? was that the Vasudans?

the operator: The Vasudans those was killed everyone who slaughters excessively.

All small amounts support the flashback of the nightmarish where the fight to which he comes the empty exactly is fast. Those plural being strange, when the ambushed being black with the red fighter plane, thing that it has that fleet of the Terran in typical promise with the group of the fighter plane of the Vasudan becomes clear. The new boat made the work of the fighter plane of B started making the Terrans suddenly, wasteful. Living only by escaping fiercely and escaping he whom it is possible does and process (one he.s of the bomber for two people) loses that copilot. The flashback operates strange, deft, shows the fighter plane of the Shivan which puts out the slurping crying of the weird engine.

[ Ardently the flashback of the oral to/from ]

the comm: You must become quiet. You, that is is attacked truly by the Vasudans and is high.

the operator: No, as for no. us there was a skirmish of patrol of the Vasudan, those came out of the nowhere exactly, killed everyone.

Comm: Did the ‚ê which of the Nowhere namely the operator is come out?

the operator: The I those weren.t Vasudan those weren.t Terran you know the don.t. As God of Ohio state, there is a these deaths black boat in those, the weapon excessively is, it flies through everyone who is made wasteful,!

[ Ardently the flashback oral classified by to/from ]

the operator: [ The noise which is surprised is made ]

the comm: What, is the operator your state? the which does not receive your data.

[ Ardently his the mouth to the surface of damage control and to the fumbling pilot.s, and. ]

Operator: State is manual Ohio state, [ control and fumbling everything are hurt ]. Both stabalizers, port engine catching losing. [ You pant ]. It is the he.s where environmental control namely the weapon namely the primary deviation from thermal vessel exchange body, the o2 which goes the offline. subspace generator which goes died and dies the gunner of God of Ohio state!

[ Ardently the mouth to the comm public official ]
the comm: The operator, now is sent the which sit down the recovery technology hard.

Operator: Send the fighter plane! I have known everything which you who send the which follows to me now have!

[ Ardently the mouth to the operator ]

the comm: The I besides the fact that don.t scale, releases with anyone of the of the house, operates it is. Being the right completely the It.s which goes.

Operator: That isn.t of no! You the don.t, understand your weren.t there!

[ Ardently the flashback oral classified by to/from ]

the operator: I those can feel that it follows to me!

The operator vision of the installation of the Terran directly is in. That story is sent with relay, when the operator fights because that bomber from collapse is maintained it develops many subspace holes simultaneously before the that, the flow of the fighter plane of the Shivan pours.

Operator: The Ohio state my God! The I.m which dies! The entirely completely!

[ Ardently the mouth to the comm ]

the comm: Selection in regard to signature of three unknown jumps. The fighter plane dispute ahead!

Operator: It.s excessively slow! God of Ohio state.

[ The show Shivan ships the appearance and line after the bomber ]

[ ardently the mouth to the radar scope. ]

[ Ardently the mouth to the comm officer.s surface which is scrutinized with the disbelief ]

the Comm: What is the hell that,

the operator the hole of the enormous distortion (the it.s SuperDestroyer) from appears and? the bomber which is repeatedly hit as a revolution of the Shivans, something it is enormous, glance of strange start is caught. In order for the nose to start appearing, being enormous, it passes through the bomber of the pilot.s and it hits to the frenzied peak which reaches due to the plural missiles which are blasted with the music which does not have the eye.
[ The edge which has the fast wipe; As for music silence weirdly. It becomes abrupt ]

Knight Templar:
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--- Quote ---...God of Ohio state, the which follows to me!...

...As for Ohio state, you appreciate in God!...
--- End quote ---

Is that what it got from OMG? God of Ohio State??!? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

Uh... huh...

How do you say, o.O

Oh, and Medivac for Sandwich, please!

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