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Please post your favourite Star Wars sites.

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If you haven't seen it yet, this site may be useful. It has more models than a bantha has fleas. They're all 3DS 4.0 format.


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Ships from EU and Classic Trilogy...
Many desriptions are based on "Essential guide to Vehicles and Vessels" by Bill Smith (1995), there are even some drawings from the book, as well as info about the ships first appearance...
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Yea, but a lot of books are written to explain some fanciful things about Star Wars. Most of it is just made up to sound pretty, and half the time, they contradict themselves in the same description. They usually don't know what they're talking about when they write something.

Darkblade: : Corhellion posted DarkSabers site link earlier. : Nice X-Wing series site, where you can find Tie Fighter conversion for X-Wing Alliance.

The Star Wars Wikipedia.


Forum with nice people.


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