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Please post your favourite Star Wars sites.

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For people who want an Star Wars: Expanded Universe episode IV-VI, go here:

login as guest, then look at the top of the screen so you find rules, then look for technology on the sidebar, then go to ships. hope this helps.

P.S. I'm wearing my favorite starwars logo shirt right now


Home of TRA, TFA, and practically all that's left of the XvT online gaming community.  So dedicated to it, that they've even written their own launcher since the Zone pulled support for it a while back.  Figured it should be here somewhere for all who don't currently know about it.  I don't know a larger gathering of star wars game fans anywhere else.


--- Quote from: Sirrush on October 26, 2005, 05:39:25 pm ---It seems it didn't connect to the bio I wanted.  If you click on Staff and then the fleet science officer, you will get his bio.  K, i'm done spamming your forum..hehe

--- End quote ---
-there ;)

eventually, all of our models will be original, and far beyond XWAU quality

... wonder if we could allow XWAU to use them?


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