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Some updates


In lieu of a recent newsletter, I thought I'd drop by and point out a couple of things.

We have a new musician, swashmebuckle, now on board.  He's been coming up with a lot of original works lately.

The website has undergone another backend overhaul, most of which is again invisible to the user, but, the screenshot gallery code has received a huge update.  It's now portable and has some new sorting features, plus thickbox support!

There have also been some big improvements in the backend development processes as well, so while it may seem like not much has happened lately, there's really been quite a lot.

Well, that's definitely great to hear.  Considering it's a smallish team working on FotG right now, it's quite incredible what you folks have accomplished since picking up the project.

Just to keep the thread a bit more alive, in what aspects do you mean backend development processes?


SVN and internal Mantis have been added to our toolkit for one.  I've also been working to get the backups on the ftp server up to date in case of another failure of some sort.


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