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Models in game! New video!

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That's right, we now have the very pretty X-wing in game, along with a full map set for it.  It's our first model in game created by the new staff with a normal and shine map.  Also, I decided to try out FRAPS on my PC, and here's the result (stream).  Get VLC if you can't play MKV files already.

Looks awesome Chief!
Love the sounds  :nod:

Just in the nitpickers corner though: It looks like it starts out in a plane, is that intentional?

Dilmah G:
Yeah love the sounds yo :)

Only gripe I have is the blank background, other than that, awesome :D

That was awesome. Unbelievably awesome. So... Star Wars.

A bit to dark, but nevertheless awesome.
Will ya change the speed of the fighters for release or will it stay at 250 as standard setting for the x-wing?


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