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Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid: January '10 Edition

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Fate of the Galaxy NewsGrid:
January '10 Edition

I. Status Update
II. Model Conversion and Updates
III. Youtube Videos
IV. Meet the Devs
V. Positions Open
VI. Closing Remarks
VII. Back Issues and Links

I. Status Update

What is this, issue 5?  We started these when?  2 years ago!?  Holy asleep at the wheel Batman!  But don't worry, we've been pretty busy since then (if you read my other short news posts you already know that).

-Cliff Gordon (chief1983)

II. Model Conversion and Updates

In the last year we've seen a good portion of our models see actual game time!  jacek was active for a period and has managed to convert the X-wing, Y-wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, and the Action VI transport.  We've also got the Carrack Cruiser model from bobbtman in game, and a space station!  (No it's not the Death Star).

In game Nu Revised TIE l/n Fighter

Carrack Cruiser (By bobbtman)

Nu X-wing and Nu Y-wing (By Brand-X)

Corellian Gunship (By Axem)

Nu E-wing  (By Brand-X)

Nu A-wing Interceptor  (By Brand-X)

III. Youtube Videos

Recently, we've managed to get a couple of youtube videos uploaded featuring some developmental aspects of the gameplay.  You can see the fighter combat test and the Cruiser test in case you missed them before.

IV. Meet the Devs

I thought we'd pay a visit to one of the newer additions to the team, and it was first come first serve.  So I managed to bribe, er honor ______ with an interview!

Lari Nieminen (zookeeper)

zookeeper is a recent addition to the team.  He has been helping out all over the place, from work on models to sounds to tabling, some crazy scripting work, and he's been picking things up quickly as he goes.  This is not really what he looks like of course, but to hear him tell it a real picture of himself would be equally disturbing.  zookeeper is interested in using the mod upon its completion for his own nefarious purposes and bringing a sense of realism to the game such as seen in the films.  Like many of us, he was a fan of Star Wars at an early age, and likely burned up many a VCR watching the movies so many times.

Lari hails from Finland, where as we all know the official language is that of the high elves.  He is a relative newcomer to the HLP community and we're glad to have him on board.

V. Positions Open

Fate of the Galaxy is still hiring!  The following positions need to be filled.  If you are interested in joining the team, please do not hesitate to contact either myself (Brandx0) or chief1983 via personal message, or by a new topic on the forum.  We can also both be reached on IRC, at #scp-swc on EsperNet.  Previous experience and examples of completed work are an asset, but not a must.  Remember, the faster these positions are filled, the faster the mod will be released!

Model Converter
Effects Artist
Interface Artist
Resident Texture Expert
Come by IRC and see if you can lend a hand somewhere

See the Forum Post for further details.

Please also note that we are not currently accepting applications for the following:  FREDers, Modelers, or "Idea guys"
This may change in the future.

VI.  Closing Remarks

We didn't lie, the next few months were exciting.  The next twelve in fact.  Hopefully we'll have more goodies to show you sooner next time!  Tune in next month, same bat time, same bat channel!

-The Fate of the Galaxy Devs

VII. Back Issues and Links

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Good job chief!

zookeeper is Finnish? :)

Damn, this mod is so incredibly hot, but lasts so long. Keep it up, I want to play soon    :yes:


--- Quote from: TopAce on January 20, 2010, 08:13:48 am ---zookeeper is Finnish? :)

--- End quote ---

Yup, I didn't realize that either.


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