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I've just played a few rounds with Kyad, BlueChunk, Lester, and Planeurdelamort.

 - During Escalation, the first time I spawned as an Atlanta, I could not fire my secondaries. The lone secondary bank displayed 'Tornado', but there was no arrow next to it. Attempting to switch secondaries gave me the message: 'this ship has only one secondary weapon'. However, I was able to switch to dual-fire mode. The second time I spawned as an Atlanta, my secondaries worked fine.
 - The first-person viewpoint for the Deimos is a little too far forward. When attempting to ram a Karuna, my viewpoint passed right through my target before the ships collided.

UEF vs GTVA capship battle
 - It's difficult to assess balance until beams are working; I believe BlueChunk is fixing that.
 - I'd like to have more control over my capital ship's systems, like in The Blade Itself (single). I imagine it'd be a nightmare to FRED, but it'd add layers of strategy to team capship combat.

 - This is a very fun, hectic dogfight!

I've just played a bit more on FSHero's server, with Lester and Matth.

 - GTB Rhea is unable to carry the Balor

UEF gauntlet
 - Frame rate is much smoother, now that the Solaris is gone.
 - Our host crashed during this mission, but we don't know why!

Forced Entry
 - After re-balancing, the mission is quite hectic and fun.
 - There is still a bug regarding the cutscene. Every player gets a fade-to-black. Clients go back to gameplay after the fade; only the host sees the cutscene.

Pre-emptive strike
 - The short quickjump period is a good idea, but it's not enough. There really needs to be a dedicated key, that works any time, to end the mission.
 - There was no music.
 - After jumping to the second gate, players would still respawn at the first gate.

UEF dogfight
 - I often found myself spawning in the battle. It was still very fun, though.

I gotta show up next time man, this looks like a blast!

I just played a few missions with Kyad, bigchunk1 and others. Soooooooooo much fun. Will definitely be looking to make it to the next one!

It was great fun! :D Hopefully I can join you guys the next time.


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