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We wouldn't be able to use this in a co-op mission like Blade Itself multi (cap/fighter combined)? Or hell, even a RTS mission? There's gotta be more ways to use this then just cap ship TvT.

Well, it probably could, but I'm just clarifying for him that it's not canon.

fair enough.        really lookin forward to this, preferably as an option so it can be turned off when need be.


--- Quote from: KyadCK on June 03, 2011, 06:53:54 pm ---fair enough.        really lookin forward to this, preferably as an option so it can be turned off when need be.

--- End quote ---
Well, here's what I was thinking of doing.

Multiplayer clients can't use the Keypress sexp, so input for an ability has to be triggered by some other means. #Player Capital ships have no primary weapons so how bout making the player fire dummy weapons to trigger the abilities? The weapon energy of the capital ship can be used as the 'cooldown factor' with each ability consuming a different amount of weapon energy depending on how valuable it is.

For this to work, weapon points need to be added to the .pof file of whatever capital ship is being used. This is why I suggest implementing the Sanctus and the Narayana first, because we have their .pof files in the svn already and are able to customise them.

Once a dummy weapon is triggered, FRED code will read that the weapon has fired and do whatever it needs to do in order to get the ability to work. For example, the armor ability will involve the set-armor-type sexp. and will be set back via sexp after a certain amount of time has expired.

This is doable without a custom HUD, but a little someting extra would be nice.

Because Fred code is creating the actual ability effects, we can set the abilities on a mission by mission basis, meaning we have complete control over when a ship has abilities and when it does not.

--- Quote from: Qent on June 03, 2011, 06:03:13 pm ---
--- Quote from: bigchunk1 on June 03, 2011, 02:44:25 pm ---Signal lasers: disables all beam weaponry a given distance from the activating ship for a given amount of time.

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Please no. You will cheapen one of the most dramatic moments of WiH.

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I would not want to do that if that's truly the case. These are just off the cuff ideas to get people thinking. Any other ideas for abilities or any other ideas related to capship PvP are certainly welcome. Would you like to see some other kind of ability in the game instead?

Trivial Psychic:
I don't play Multi, and I haven't played "The Blade Itself" yet, but I had a thought (that perhaps someone else has had already, so humor me please), thought it could be somewhat difficult to implement.  Although we've never seen this in any canon FS2 mission, it has been seen more than a few times in fan campaigns... Inferno R1 comes to mind... its subspace nano-jumping.  It would certainly be useful and would definitely be an ability that at least some ships might be expected to have, but the trick is implementing it.  What I was thinking (again, I'm in unknown territory here) is when you select the ability, you are prompted to provide a set of numbered key presses that correspond to direction and distance.  The first figure (0-9 or perhaps 1-8 of you'd rather have 45 degree increments) would correspond to lateral direction, another figure (same numeric system) corresponding to vertical inclination, similar to Star Trek's blah-blah,-mark-blah-blah system.  A third figure would correspond to distance in kilometers.  All figures would be in relation to the ship's own perspective, rather than the the environment.  Another option but a potentially more tricky one, could be a set of figures for ship orientation.  The clincher would be that you'll only be able to nano-jump either so many times per mission, and/or within a certain interval, or risk overheating.  It would also disable end-of-mission jump-out during the wait interval.  Then it's just a matter of simulated effects and ship moving via sexps.
There are many obvious uses for this, such as the obvious of moving yourself into a more favorable attack vector against an opponent, protect a target of importance, or perhaps reaching a jumpnode.  However, in a mission where your enemy can't nano-jump, it would also be useful to briefly move yourself out of range of enemy weapons while you conduct repairs.


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