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Currently needed and WIP ships (Updated 12/1/21)

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The wingless Mon Calamari are MC 80a. Independence and Defiance are featured as those ships.
with some pics from the movie.


--- Quote from: Tnadz on June 21, 2014, 11:51:22 pm ---Where could I go to get a flat template/model of WIPs needing textures.  I've done some textures for 3D work on Cinema 4D models.  I'd love to try and help.

--- End quote ---

Mainly we got the Corellian Gunship, which is UV'd and pretty much only needs texturing. I noticed that I need to clean up the working file a bit before handing it over for texturing though, but that shouldn't take me more than a day or two. If you want to tackle that ship, do you have any examples of texturing you've done to give some idea of how much and what sort of direction, if any, you need?

I've unfortunately lost some of the actual craft/objects I designed and modeled in C4D.  But I have been fairly active with wrapping virtual stock cars.  I also recently crafted a quick industrial background for a buddy of mine.  Did in about 10 minutes so anything I work up for these ships would be much more detailed, but it gives you an idea:

And here are some of the cars:

Let me know.  I'm all for constructive criticism.

If the Empire would just agree to sell advertising space on their ship hulls they'd have this rebellion crushed in no time.

Looks pretty nice to me!

Can't view the G+ urls, but even that first one looks pretty good.

I'll try to get the working file ready ASAP so I can upload it for you somewhere. Can you handle .max files or do you need it as an .obj or something?


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