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Me gonna crush you all! :P

The Sol Union greets and welcomes all to join under our flag of democracy and in the solemn guardianship of the cradle of humanity.

The game hasn't even 'started' yet and its already in full swing, I'm absolutely loving what I'm seeing so far  :D

I'll venture to get the fleet statistics up today, but I sort of had a last moment of design inspiration and I want to explore that line of thought a bit. Before putting it on the forum and making it 'official'. Either way, should be soon!

Each new phase will start on a sunday, so 'saturday' will be the deadline for orders before they are set in stone. Since I'm a nerdy NEET my days are almost in sync with the american time zone, so in general, sunday sort of starts for me on 13:00 central european time* (its when I crawl out from underneath my blankets). So consider that the last possible moments to submit orders.

*If I'm not mistaken that is 07:00 EST

I've got it showing up as having all the summer time and daylight saving stuff implimented. But as I always convert time wrong, I'd ignore me.

Based on the above, it will also be 10pm AEST (GMT +10). :)

I'm crunching a lot of numbers on the fleet stats, I like where I'm going with this but it requires a bit more math before I can put it on here.
I'm basically throwing out a large bit of already done work at the last moment because I got struck by inspiration yesterday  :p

G-good thing this is a test game...!


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