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Hello! I'm interested in playing some multiplayer with my brother, but it seems like the service that everyone relies on no longer allows new users. Is there any work around for this? LAN Emulation \ Direct IP play etc?

There is of course direct IP method, so you can use it:

I've tried LAN emulation and port forwarding with TCP\UDP 7808 to either of our IPs and neither worked :(

Edit: If anyone can help me get this working I'll buy you a pizza

Edt2: I'm a sysadmin and I'm down to go to stupid lengths to get this working on my machine. I have Fios as that's the only gig service in my area, but that means my external router is a garbage ass "Quantam Gateway" and I'm worried that's somehow hurting my ability to play this game online. As a  PPS if you want something that's not pizza I'll totally buy you whatever. I just want to play this game online!

You can try if either of you could connect to my server (see PM). If not, then we could conclude problems with your ISP. I'm running FSO 3.8.0

I can't see it even with the IP you gave me :(. Are there any settings I have to change in the Knossos launcher? I remember back in the day I needed to fiddle a bit with whatever the older launcher was.


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