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Getting standalone and client to work on one PC [Solved]

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Now it is my time to ask questions :)
Is there a way to do it? I want to be able to have standalone, but also to connect to it from the same PC if there will be need.

I now that I can make them to use different ports, so they will start normally (without socket/protocol is in use error). But then they will not see each other, logically enough.

I can change something in the source code, if someone has the idea what it could be.

If you only tell the client to use a different port, it should work... If it doesn't, what kind of error do you get?

It works but then client doesn't see that server, that seems logical enough.

Oh, right. You're not using a tracker (PXO/FS2NetD) but local discovery. I guess that won't work with different ports.

Hm... I guess you could pass the server port to the client? IIRC there was a flag or multi option for that. Not sure though.

Anyway, local discovery doesn't work with different ports and there's pretty much no way to fix that due to how it works.

>pass the server port to the client

can you elaborate a bit more on that?


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