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Unable to start FreeSpace 2 for Multiplayer

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I made a clean install, extracted the build files as well as Fubar's mission and voice pack to a new folder and added the media vp's. Then I provided the credentials to the pxo tab of the launcher. But trying to start the game ends with an error message. What can I do to fix that?

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The current PXO multiplayer build can't load the MediaVPs since it's based on retail and not on FSO (which the MediaVPs need).

You can only play retail-compatible mods on that build for now. Those are most likely only older FS2 mods and maybe FSPort.

What do you mean by "retail"? What's the conclusion of your statement "can't load the MediaVPs"?

Retail here refers to the original FreeSpace 2 from 1999. FSO is based on the original source code released by Volition back in 2001 IIRC. It's been maintained and updated for over a decade and thus contains a lot of improvements, new features, bug fixes, etc. The multiplayer PXO build is also based on the original source code but contains a different set of modifications most of which were done by taylor alone and thus lacks a lot of the features that are present in FSO.

The MediaVPs require features only present in FSO.

--- Quote from: DrakonAlpha on February 22, 2019, 08:31:34 am ---What's the conclusion of your statement "can't load the MediaVPs"?

--- End quote ---
You have two options:

* Play the PXO multiplayer build and get an improved multiplayer experience but without the MediaVPs and thus no shiny graphics.
* Play the MediaVPs on the FSO engine with broken multiplayer (multiplayer over LAN should be fine though).
You can't have both.

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