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Newbie: Greetings


Hi all,

So i used to be a massive FS2 fan, I even had an account on old old HL forums.
But then I drifted away...
Now Covid ... lockdown ... one cannon balling of Babylon 5 (thanks amazon!) & here I am back again, looking up the Babylon 5 Mod and remembering this amazing game I used to play.

Will get installing as soon as I can find my old CDs or hit up GoG.

I'm oddly happy to be back .... Laser beam me!

Colonol Dekker:
What was your old name?  Might be possible to merge accounts?  :nervous:

Old account name was this or Mouseco
but I was many a moon ago. A fresh start is always nice!

Colonol Dekker:
I think there's a reset password ord/forgot password button somewhere too.

That's besides the point though, just let us know how you find the new stuff.  You starting with knossos I take it?


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