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Using Mouse to play FS2?

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Well I am back! Got it downloaded, Kossnos Launcher installed and been playing the last 2 days with the mouse. I can say I still prefer my stick and throttle I have stored away in the back room. I just wanted to be able to play this game while in the living room on my gamer laptop and it's acceptable if not optimal :)

Now I'll able to do some getting back into making textures and stuff like I did many moons ago.

Thanks all for your help!


I used to play FS2 with a left-handed mouse and the numpad with of custom configuration to do 90% of my keybinds on my right hand with my left hand to aim, target, and shoot.

Been playing FS/FS2 exclusively with a 2 button mouse for years. Became an expert in flying with it in 98 before I had any money to burn.

If you like what you have there's no reason to bail. Find what works for you.

(Except for those old-old-old non-optical mouses they used to have on Dell PCs. The ones with the ball inside? They used to gather lint. Many curses sworn. Many ragequits, many deaths.)

Luis Dias:
I've rarely played with anything other than mouse + keyboard. I always found the joystick jarring and uncomfortable.


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