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Using Mouse to play FS2?

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I am still using my customized Logitech MX518.

Well.. unbelieveable i bought that from Logitech 16 years ago. A grandrelative of current mice.

Andreas Rybak:
It’s possible, but admittedly only if you have a ball-type gaming mouse. Could possibly use a regular one with sensitivity at the max, but I’ve never had good luck that way.

I'll also add that if you want to have the mouse switch between fine precision and acting like a joystick you can use this script: It can toggle between the two modes on the fly, which can be useful :)

mouse player here, i just use some cheap ass argom tech i got passing by a tech store. FS is pretty playable with it

Yeah I use a mouse (Logitech G502 but I'm sure even a cheap mouse would be fine) and it works great, I recommend messing around with the keybinds though because the default binds don't really go well with a mouse


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