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RELEASE: The Battle of Neptune - Director's Cut

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Dilmah G:

The Battle of Neptune - Director's Cut
Operation Fortune is beginning to unravel. Defections paralyse the GTVA 14th Battlegroup as the true nature of the reunion is laid bare.

Scattered reports of inter-dimensional space travel cause panic throughout the GTVA Security Council, as it now finds itself at war with the United Earth Federation.

Fly as Ensign Callum Rahman, a rookie pilot aboard the GTD Meridian, as Admiral Cyrus Severanti leads the vanguard of the GTVA in an operation to seize Neptune.Experience the first major battle of the War in Heaven through GTVA eyes for the first time. The final version of the mission first glimpsed here.

Original Features:

- All new intelligence data developed by the GTD Meridian's Intelligence Cell. Understand the war as a young GTVA pilot would have.

- New HUD warning and missile lock tones taken from modern fighter aircraft.

- Ability to activate HUD Radar Icons thanks to the work of Svedalrain, Lafiel, and MitoPL.

- Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATADS). Call for Trebuchet fire from GTVA heavy assault wings on UEF gunships. Inspired by real-life targeting and infra-red guidance software.

- Checkpoints! Courtesy of Admiral MS and Goober5000's script.

- Glossary of military terms. Available from Tech Room->Database->Intelligence.

Director's Cut Features:

- Full voice acting, featuring 34 different voice actors. Focus on flying your fighter through one of the biggest battles of the war as your radio blares with target calls, missile launches, and the screams of those who die trapped in their cockpits.

- Bonus content. Experience the impact of sustained combat with an additional bonus mission.

- Nameplates for all of the capital ships, thanks to Colt.

- Hull repair mechanic. Take advantage of the tireless work of the GTVA flight deck crew and land to repair your hull mid-mission. Concept thanks to Battuta.

- FSO Build 21.4.0.
- Blue Planet: Complete installed.

Once installed, select campaign "The Battle of Neptune" from the campaign room to play.
With thanks to Strygon, Erebus Alpha, Asteroth, and AdDur for their extensive testing of the mission through development to release; The E and Darius for their testing and creative guidance; and Ertanax for their creative input. And a special thank-you to Renegade Paladin who served as the 2IC of the project and sunk countless hours into testing, voice-acting, and acting as a sounding board for many of the concepts at odd hours of the day. Voice Acting Credits:

James William Rees-Dobbs (Colonol Dekker) as CMDR Jakub Gryffon, Alpha 1

Jordan Scherer as ENS Ava Zadzisai, Alpha 2

Steven T. (Shadaloo) as Alpha 3 and Trident Kappa 4

Renegade Paladin as CMDR Reiji Nash, Beta 2 and Speargun Delta 2

jg18 as LTJG Nathan Austin, Speargun Delta 1

Red Mage Joe as ENS Kamil Knight, Speargun Delta 3, and Draco 3

Sararose Willey - Sararose VA on Fiverr as ENS Rebecca Sharma, Speargun Delta 4

jessfisher97 as LT Eilene Than, Speargun Alpha 1

Zach Kirchner (DizzyKoop) as Admiral Cyrus Severanti, CO Meridian

Nicolle Zambrano as Meridian Tactical

Grady Grey as CO Nova, Enfield Epsilon 4 and Trident Gamma 1

Emma Thorne as Captain Robin O'Neill, CO Nakatomi

Iain ‘Sessile_Nomad’ Baker as Captain Iftikhar, CO Harpy

LoneWolf271 as CO Adelaide, Wargod 3-2

Warren Bacal as GTVA Command, Vengeance Tactical, and Vengeance Control

Lionheart as CO Theodocia

Perihelion as LCPL Xavier Barletta (GTVA Crew Chief), Omicron 4, and Skull Epsilon 1

Kevin 'stripedpolkadots' Nguyen as Enfield Zeta 1, Trident Kappa 2, Draco 1, and Meridian Control

Atzel Esquivel as Rider Alpha 2, Enfield Zeta 3, and Draco 3

Hailey Buck as Enfield Delta 1 and Trident Iota 3

Oliveira as Rider Alpha 3 and Trident Kappa 1

LisaF as Mustang Delta 2 and Omicron 5

Connor Holt as Strike Package Yankee and 48X

Annabobanna as Captain Merino

Anthony Faye as Mustang Delta 1

Barry Mills as Trident Iota 2

Brick79410 as Rider Alpha 1

Cairn Remedy as Skull Kappa 1

Carlos José Guerrero (Chenchurrio) as Wargod 6

Lafiel as Thunder 3-2

Lawrence Trotti as Trident Gamma 2

mmmK-ultra as Nighthawk

Sparda as Omicron 1

Shirin Maeve as Cold Steel 6

Vynn as Razor Alpha 1Tags: Blue Planet, fan fiction, military fiction. Voice acted. Balanced for Medium and Hard Difficulties.

NB: Medium Difficulty includes a number of UEF handicaps in order to support gameplay. Play on Hard Difficulty to have the authentic GTVA experience.

Dilmah G:
Be sure to tune in for Red Mage Joe's livestream at 11am US East Coast time for a livestream playthrough of the mod! Many of the VAs will be there, and it will 100% be filled with great banter!  :pimp:

Colonol Dekker:
Gen pleasure working with you on this.

This deserves a highlight.

Really. It’s fricking awesome!

Agreed - let's get TBoN highlighted.


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