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HLP, I've come to bargain.

So I am all but set-up to take another shot at finishing The Lost Generation - Ashcroft. However I hit a snag ... well a very big snag ... okay, okay a dam.

I really need another writer on call to finish the last two pieces of fiction (one of which turned out to be horrifingly terrible) and continuity-proofing the whole thing.

So if you are interested, please contact me.

EDIT: Intergration of Fury AI has opened up the need for more Beta Testing!

Looking for two+ new Beta Testers to help collect balance feedback during the next 5 months!

Posting to express interest; when I can get on a computer, I can pass along some writing samples.

xenocartographer and I ran into an unresolvable scheudling conflict due to RL issues.

So the position is open again.

BE WARNED, I am ramping up the demand for feedback as I am once more closing the scheulde to meet a release date. I am going to be demanding and perhaps unrelenting for the next weeks.

Following the integration of FuryAI v9, I am in the need of two+ new Beta Testers!

I've to re-state my request for 2+ Beta Testers.


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