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RELEASE: The Scroll of Atankharzim, Part I

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I'll do that.  I want to wait for a week for any more patches to be released though.

MVPs 4.6 are on the installer.  A Scroll update will follow after FSO 22.2 is out.

Version 1.9.0 is now available on Knossos and the FSO Installer.  This is a major update with the following changes:

* Upgraded Udjat, courtesy of Nyctaeus
* Jury-rigged Knossos model, courtesy of Gwyvern
* Upgraded banner image, courtesy of Gwyvern
* New squadron logos, courtesy of Gwyvern
* Update mission lighting appropriate to the system backgrounds, courtesy of Durandal
* Polished GVFr Petbe model + cargo, courtesy of Galemp
* MediaVPs 4.6 compatibility
* Rewrite a bunch of scripts to improve the design, use scripted SEXPs, and add clarity
* Improve multiple-resolution support by using the HUD gauge table to adjust scaling for scripted text and drawings
* Use prompt box instead of subtitles for checkpoints
* Add a nebula storm to Masks
* Fix a state machine bug in Through the Looking Glass
* Update Fornacis skybox
* Replace the GTF Claymore with the GTF Banshee
* Replace GTVA weapons on Shivan ships with their Shivan equivalents
* Rename Cyclops#weak and Cyclops#short to Cyclops#HalfDamage and Cyclops#HalfRange because they are somewhat distinct from the MVP weapons
* Add some subsystem flags to turrets ("check hull" etc.)
* Move the directive list on the hi-res hud closer to where it is on the low-res hud
* Adjust scanning times on some ships and ship subsystems
* Various minor model, mission, and table fixes
The new changes, particularly in the scripts, require FSO 22.2 stable.  Another minor update will follow once 22.4 stable is released.

It crashed on mission 5 for me, and not at a point where I could have used the "die 5 times" trick to skip.  I sent a bug report in Knossos. On a minor note, the Hercules fighter uses the vanilla non MVP model

I don't get the bug reports submitted through Knossos unfortunately.  Can you be more specific about the mission 5 crash?  What were you doing at the time, and did the crash have any sort of error message?

Also, to double check that we have the same mission in mind, what was the mission name?  Or if the mission didn't load, what was the mission before it?

The Hercules bug is easy to identify so I'll be able to make a fix for that quickly.


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