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Optimising Text-to-Speech narration so that it no longer sounds terrible 😉

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Iain Baker:
Hi there!

I’m sure we have all cringed at how poorly the text-to-speech system works in game (and in general – YouTube videos, I’m looking at you).
However, there are ways of improving it, and done correctly it can actually be quite effective. Feel free to take a look at my website to see examples.
If anyone would like me to help with the text to speech optimisation of their mod please get in touch.

One question, is the text-to-speech software narrating the text that is on screen, or is it referencing a file somewhere? If so, would altering this file alter the text that appears on screen? I ask as optimising text for text-to-speech narration involves manually altering the text into a format that the software is better able to understand. This results in narration that sounds pretty decent, but if someone were to read the text it would look like gobbledygook ;-)

Ideally you would want the on screen text to be referencing one unaltered file, and the narration referencing a separate optimised file - or a pre-recorded MP3 file. You would then have on screen text that is readable and narration that is listenable.

Hope to hear from you soon  :)

General Battuta:
Unfortunately it's reading straight off the screen.

You can have the in-mission dialog use different text than what you're using for text-to-speech, but that would entail pre-recording the audio and bundling it with your mod.

And the benefit from having audio different from text would be... higher quality?

General Battuta:
Yes, it sounds like you can give the TTS something closer to a phonetic script to read so it doesn't get confused.


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