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Mission: Acceptable Losses

Problem: I exited the game after losing this mission for the first time. I went back to it some hours later and now have only a single Myrmidon available for use and a single Subach with which to arm it.


The end portion of the playername.derelict file looks corrupt, but I can't decipher the intended structure so I don't know where to amputate. The last line that is at all comprehensible is: "Return to Base directive   Servicor Undocks   Servicor 2 Undocks   Nyarlathotep's beam comes back   Goal Rearrangement". I tried deleting everything after this point, but it led to fatal errors trying to start the game, so I restored the file.

I am running the version of derelict downloaded automatically by the launcher.

The only errors in the errorlog are the two failed start-ups after I messed around with the playername.derelict file.

Thank you!


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Pressing the reset button on the mission loadout screen has been known to fix this problem before. If that doesn't work the best thing to do is exactly what I did here and build a new campaign file.

I'd do it myself but I don't know Derelict as well as FS2 and I don't have a copy on my PC at the moment anyway. But any skilled FREDder should be able to build you a fixed campaign file in about 2-3 minutes.
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Thank you!