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Resolution and Commands

So I have 2 issues that I don't know how to solve.The interface doesn't seem to scale with 4K resolution(using DSR),I can see it just fine but I can't click on "start" or any of the options when in-game,1080p works just fine.
The second thing is when I start the game I'm getting "Unrecognized command line parameter -spec_exp." and "Unrecognized command line parameter -ogl_spec." ,in "Advanced Settings",I only selected "Herra Tohtori's" Lightning preset then a few things from the options on the left.This is what I have in the "Current command line" : "D:\Games\GoG Galaxy\Games\Freespace 2\fs2_open_19_0_0_x64_AVX.exe -mod
"fsport-mediavps_2014,fsport,mediavps_2014" -emissive_light -3dshockwave -soft_particles -fxaa -smaa
-fb_explosions -fb_thrusters -enable_shadows -orbradar -stretch_menu -ship_choice_3d -weapon_choice_3d
-3dwarp -warp_flash -mipmap -ambient_factor 35 -no_emissive_light -spec_exp 15 -spec_point 1.2 -spec_static
1.5 -spec_tube 1.5 -ogl_spec 20".
Any assistance would be great,thank you.


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Re: Resolution and Commands
Although you can display FSO in 4K, it's not recommended due to scaling/interface issues as others have already experienced. Others here have been encouraged to set their resolutions to 1080p in order for the game and all of its visual elements to display correctly. (Perhaps those who are very intimate with the existing table formats and how to edit them have possibly constructed an interface that scales well at 4K, but I've never seen it released. Nor do I know if a 4K interface will be included in a future FSO release? Maybe a moderator can clarify).

The two commands that are producing errors (-spec_exp and -ogl_spec) have been deprecated since version 3.8 (or maybe 3.7.2?) and should be removed from your command line. You can find more information about what these commands do (or, more aptly, what they used to do) as well as the other lighting control functions in the Freespace Wiki here:

Also deprecated in v19 and should be removed are: -no_emissive_light and -mipmap

Also, when using FSO version 19 and wanting to use its anti-aliasing functions (-fxaa or -smaa), you should only use one or the other. They both perform different a type of anti-aliasing and cannot be used at the same time (if both are specified, then I believe FSO will default to SMAA). Newer versions of FSO (v20+ included in the Nightly releases) have a new anti-aliasing flag (-aa) with new custom parameters that allow you to specify which type of AA is used and the level of anti-aliasing performed. More info can be found here:

Hope this helps.  :yes:
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Re: Resolution and Commands
Wow,thank you for explaining.Going to use only 1080p then,maybe in a future update it will work better.Sorry for such a late answer.