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Saitek x52 not recognised in game
I installed and setup freespace 2 and the fso installer. open the game, go to configure controls.
I cannot get the game to recognise any inputs.

Saitek software is closed, the windows joystick control selector is open, the x52 is selected as default and the joystick is recognised by the launcher but has zero response in game.

Any suggestions or is this just a dead end?

for the record this is my all time favourite space fight sim from when i was a kid, just found it still exist


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Re: Saitek x52 not recognised in game

Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me can respond to this!
Maybe someday God will give you a little pink toaster of your own.


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Re: Saitek x52 not recognised in game
Suh dude.

Glad to see a fellow X-52 user amongst our ranks. Sorry if the following insults your intelligence, this is more just a few no **** things to check before you go buying a joystick or harassing the board members with actual tech expertise:

1. Do the X-52's inputs get registered when you look at it in the Windows Joystick Selector?

2. Do the X-52's inputs register in any other flight sims?

3. Have you tried un-plugging it and plugging it back in? Serious no-**** stuff here, but I've found with mine after 11 odd years of abuse and then getting shipped cross-border in Australia that I have to give it the gameboy cartridge treatment from time to time.

4. Have you tried using the Saitek mapping software to map certain buttons to certain keys and then tried to run it in-game?

5. Have you tried creating a virtual joystick and then trying to run that with FS? This is what I do personally as I run rudder pedals as well. A little bit of effort and tech literacy required here though.

If all of those don't work, then hopefully an actual tech-head helps you out. My only advice following that would be to get a new joystick lol.


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Re: Saitek x52 not recognised in game
I would recommend using Knossos (the more recent abs much improved launcher). Also feel free to ask on the discord channel for more rapid help :)