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Running out of memory crash.
I seem to be encountering a very weird problem at the moment. FS2 seems to be crashing when try to load missions with the new Demon model and the error i am getting is "insufficient memory please install more physical memory or change the virtual memory" or something to that extent. Now i have just purchased a new Alienware Aurora intel i5-9400 2.90 with 16gb of memory with a ATI Radeon RX 570x. I can run DOOM Eternal, Witcher 3, Total Warhammer 2 all on max settings with no slowdowns or any issues.

Freespace 2 for some reason is now giving me issues, of running out of memory, and some really slow frame rates (i have disabled V-sync) drops from a 120 to 24. Has anyone else had issues like this or any idea how to solve them. The running out of memory one is shocking one.

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Re: Running out of memory crash.
Please post a debug log.
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