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I have been playing this campaign and really enjoying it.
 I am playing where Eagles dare now and the cut scenes, Macderbys monologue and End of the Valhalla are ran at a really bad resolution and look awful.
 I went ahead and played the missions (they looked fine ) but when I choose to go after the traitor Macderby and I killed him, the mission told me to wait for a transmission that never came.
If I click on continue I am back in my fighter all alone in space with no objectives or mission to follow.
Was I supposed to stay and defend the Aquitaine and not go after Macderby?



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I'm forwarding this question to the FSCRP team (this topic is in fact related to a fan-made campaign, not the FSO engine, though I admit "FreeSpace Support" may be ambiguous for a newcomer). It's been a while since I last played the Lightning Marshal but there are community members who got it to run on Knossos, so they should be able to give you precious hints on this particular matter.  :yes:
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Thank you very much for the help.
Sorry for not posting in the correct forum.