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Manual Mod Install help
     Okay, before anyone admonishes me for not reading the mod install portion of the READ ME FIRST sticky, I did read that section and failed to understand roughly 100% of it, or at the least I have questions...

     I have downloaded cockpit-mod 2.0 from I can't remember exactly where, but since the Knossos cockpit mod crashes due to a lack of GTB Snake in a .cpp file me thought maybe I could try manual installing but the creator of my cockpit-mod 2.0.rar saw fit to not include a readme.txt to help plug the holes of my ignorance and I'm kind of at a loss. 

     The .rar contains 3 files:

 1. cockpit-mod-2.0.vp
 2. FSU-MVP.bmp
 3. mod.ini
     The mod sticky left me with the distinct impression that I don't want to cram the .vp into the FS2 root folder or the FS2 Data directory.  I should create a new folder for this mod, if I understand correctly?  Does it matter what the directory is called?  Could I, say, create a directory called "cockpit" and drop the files there and the game just kind of knows what to do with them?

     the .ini says this:

modname      = Cockpit Mod;
image255x112 = FSU-MVP.bmp;
infotext     = Freespace II - MediaVPs 3.6.12;
website      =;
forum        =;

primarylist  = ;
secondarylist = MediaVPs_2014;

Maybe I can stick the files in the mediaVP 3.6.12 directory or maybe create a new directory within the mediaVP folder?

     I feel like an idiot asking because it's probably painfully obvious to everyone but me, yet here we are.  Anyway, the information would be quite useful and appreciated.


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Re: Manual Mod Install help
If it doesn't work on Knossos, it won't work manually either. EDIT: I am dumb, I didn't recognise you actually downloaded it from the original thread instead of Nebula.

But for the record, a manual install is actually pretty easy, so long as you've got wxlauncher with you.

Just drop the cockpit-mod 2.0 folder into your main FS2 directoy like so

and make sure that when you open it, it looks like this:

Then point your launcher at that folder and launch it.

Do NOT put it within the mediaVPs folder, because that's how you get it to not read it at all. It has to be its own mod. The secondarylist and all is just telling FSO which mods to launch alongside that mod.
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