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Turret Angle Problem in Lab
I was noticing in TBP that the Nova_Guns and NovaShadow had some of their turret guns pointed the wrong way.  I decided to go into the table to try and fix it and encountered an error that is affecting recent builds.  In builds of August 25th or older this doesn't happen.  Builds from Sept 6th just crash when I try to load some models, but they load under builds Sept 12 or newer, but with this anomaly.  I loaded the models in FRED to see if it happens there, but found that they were angled properly so this is a LAB-only bug.  Basically, for these models if you try to orient a turret any more than 180 degrees from it's 'front', or try to use negative degrees to do the same thing, it just ignores it and does the mirror.  For example, if I want one of its turrets to point 90 degrees to it's right, I just add 90 to the y-axis field in the table's subsystem data.  If I want it to point 90 degrees to its left though, you would think that I would just set it to 270 degrees, but it treats is as though it was 90.  Same is true if you try -90 degrees.

That having been said, the Explorer model has turrets that are able to properly orient in the lab with >180 degrees listed in the tables.  I'm not sure why it affects some models and not others.
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