Author Topic: Another Derelict 4.6 MVPs problem ("Painted Devils")  (Read 847 times)

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Another Derelict 4.6 MVPs problem ("Painted Devils")
I ran into another problem with the campaign Derelict while playing on the 4.6 MVPs (this time I encountered the issue on 22.0 and a recent nightly) in the mission "Painted Devils".

What is supposed to happen in the mission (what happened on 4.5 and previous MVPs):
-You disable the cruiser Lonewolf
-GTT Arcturus comes in to capture it
-The GTT Omaha comes in and says it has orders to capture the Lonewolf
-The Omaha's orders are verified and the Arcturus turns red right before it docks which should give you just enough time to destroy the Arcturus before it officially docks with the Lonewolf (or just a couple seconds after) if you're quick about it
-You defend the Omaha/Lonewolf from pirate attack before the cruiser is captured and jumps out

What happened in this current version:
-Arcturus comes in but it seems to come in a little closer
-Omaha comes in
-Arcturus doesn't turn red in this version until after it's docked with Lonewolf.  It feels like this shouldn't be a problem because you can still destroy Arcturus within a few seconds.
-Omaha says its going to dock and moves into dock
-However, Lonewolf always turns red and Command says pirates have captured the cruiser.  The cruiser begins to move.  However, even if you disable Lonewolf's engines again (and even if Omaha docks), it jumps out as a hostile cruiser and you lose the mission.
-Also the green directive "oversee capture operation" doesn't appear in the directives list.

I don't know if anyone is maintaining Derelict these days, but it could use some work here and there to be fully compatible with the new 4.6 MVPs.
(FYI:  I switched back to 4.5 MVPs in my mod.ini and the mission worked properly and I was able to beat it).


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Re: Another Derelict 4.6 MVPs problem ("Painted Devils")
These are mission bugs.  They're in the original mission; they didn't originate with the 4.6 MVPs or the latest FSO.  I'll add this to the patch.