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How to use custom AI file
I want to play with my own ai_profiles.tbl in Freespace 2. Before, in the Babylon Project, when I discovered this game, what I did was edit the ai_profiles.tbl file in data/data/tables
How can I do the same with retail Freespace 2, steam version, and installed via Knossos?
Do I have to put the ai_profiles.tbl file in C:\FreespaceOpen\FS2\data\tables, creating the tables folder? (does not exist)
Or in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Freespace 2\data\tables (tables folder exist)
Or edit C:\FreespaceOpen\FS2\Root_fs2.vp file and add tables\ai_profiles.tbl there?
Or some other way?

This is my ai_profiles.tbl that I intend to use:

Code: [Select]
#AI Profiles

$Default Profile:                              FS2 RETAIL

$Profile Name:                                 FS2 RETAIL

$Player Afterburner Recharge Scale:            2,    2,    2,    2,  2
$Max Beam Friendly Fire Damage:                0,    5,    10,   20,   30
$Player Countermeasure Life Scale:             3,    3,    3,  3, 3
$AI Countermeasure Firing Chance:              0.2,  0.3,  0.5,  0.9,  1.1
$AI In Range Time:                             2,    1.4,  0.75, 0,    -1
$AI Always Links Ammo Weapons:                 95,   80,   60,   40,   20
$AI Maybe Links Ammo Weapons:                  90,   60,   40,   20,   10
$Primary Ammo Burst Multiplier:                0,    0,    0,    0,    0
$AI Always Links Energy Weapons:               100,  80,   60,   40,   20
$AI Maybe Links Energy Weapons:                90,   60,   40,   20,   10
$Max Missiles Locked on Player:                2,    3,    4,    7,    99
$Max Player Attackers:                         2,    3,    4,    5,    99
$Max Incoming Asteroids:                       3,    4,    5,    7,    10
$Player Damage Factor:                         0.25, 0.5,  0.5, 0.5, 1
$Player Subsys Damage Factor:                  0.25,  0.5,  0.5,  0.5,  1
$Predict Position Delay:                       2,    1.5,  1.333,0.5,  0
$AI Shield Manage Delay:                       5,    4,    2.5,  1.2,  0.1
$Friendly AI Fire Delay Scale:                 2,    1.4,  1.25, 1.1,  1
$Hostile AI Fire Delay Scale:                  4,    2.5,  1.75, 1.25, 1
$Friendly AI Secondary Fire Delay Scale:       0.4,  0.6,  0.8,  1.0,  1.2
$Hostile AI Secondary Fire Delay Scale:        1.4,  1.2,  1.0,  0.8,  0.6
$AI Turn Time Scale:                           3,    2.2,  1.6,  1.3,  1
$Glide Attack Percent:                         0,    0,    0,    0,    0
$Circle Strafe Percent:                        0,    0,    0,    0,    0
$Glide Strafe Percent:                         0,    0,    0,    0,    0
$Random Sidethrust Percent:                    0,    0,    0,    0,    0
$Stalemate Time Threshold:                     0,    0,    0,    0,    0
$Stalemate Distance Threshold:                 0,    0,    0,    0,    0
$Player Shield Recharge Scale:                 4,    2,    2,  2, 2
$Player Weapon Recharge Scale:                 5,   3,    3,  3,    3
$Max Turret Target Ownage:                     3,    4,    7,    12,   19
$Max Turret Player Ownage:                     3,    4,    7,    12,   19
$Percentage Required For Kill Scale:           0.30, 0.30, 0.30, 0.30, 0.30
$Percentage Required For Assist Scale:         0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1
$Percentage Awarded For Capship Assist:        0.1,  0.2,  0.35, 0.5,  0.6
$Repair Penalty:                               10,   20,   35,   50,   60
$Delay Before Allowing Bombs to Be Shot Down:  1.5,  1.5,  1.5,  1.5,  1.5
$Chance AI Has to Fire Missiles at Player:     0,    1,    2,    3,    4
$Max Aim Update Delay:                         0,    0,    0,    0,    0
$Turret Max Aim Update Delay:                  0,    0,    0,    0,    0
$Player Autoaim FOV:                           12,    7,    7,    7,    7
$Detail Distance Multiplier:                   0.125,0.25, 1.0,  4.0,  8.0

$big ships can attack beam turrets on untargeted ships:  YES
$smart primary weapon selection:                         YES
$smart secondary weapon selection:                       YES
$smart shield management:                                NO
$smart afterburner management:                           NO
$allow rapid secondary dumbfire:                         NO
$huge turret weapons ignore bombs:                       NO
$don't insert random turret fire delay:                  NO
$hack improve non-homing swarm turret fire accuracy:     YES
$shockwaves damage small ship subsystems:                YES
$navigation subsystem governs warpout capability:        NO
$ignore lower bound for minimum speed of docked ship:    NO
$disable linked fire penalty:                            NO
$disable weapon damage scaling:                          NO
$use additive weapon velocity:                           NO
$use newtonian dampening:                                NO
$include beams for kills and assists:                    YES
$score kills based on damage caused:                     YES
$score assists based on damage caused:                   YES
$allow event and goal scoring in multiplayer:            NO
$fix linked primary weapon decision bug:                 YES
$prevent turrets targeting too distant bombs:            NO
$smart subsystem targeting for turrets:                  YES
$fix heat seekers homing on stealth ships bug:           YES
$multi allow empty primaries:                            NO
$multi allow empty secondaries:                          NO
$allow turrets target weapons freely:                    NO
$use only single fov for turrets:                        NO
$allow vertical dodge:                                   YES
$force beam turrets to use normal fov:                   YES
$fix AI class bug:                                       YES
$turrets ignore targets radius in range checks:          NO
$no extra collision avoidance vs player:                 NO
$perform fewer checks for death screams:                 NO
$advanced turret fov edge checks:                        NO
$require turrets to have target in fov:                  NO
$all ships manage shields:                               YES
$ai aims from ship center:                               NO
$allow primary link at mission start:                    NO
$allow beams to damage bombs:                            NO
$disable weapon damage scaling for player:               NO
$countermeasures affect aspect seekers:                  NO
$ai path mode:                                           normal
$no warp camera:                                         NO

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Re: How to use custom AI file
a) Never attempt to edit the retail .vp files - That's just a recipe for pain.

b) Adding tables to the base of FS2 installation, even when using Knossos, can have cascading effects that will impact and possibly break every mod you play. It is not recommended.

c) ai_profiles.tbl will no have any impact unless you set each mission to use the AI profile you have created. (Although since you are attempting to edit "FS2 Retail" -not recommended- that point doesn't really apply)

As you are already using Knossos, for what you are trying to do, it is best to set up your own personal mod through the Development Tab. The process is a bit unituitive, but in the end quite easy.

Go to the Development Tab in Knossos, Create a new mod, give a it Package and set-up any Dependencies you need. Don't forget to Save every step of the way.

 Then go to that package's folder, create a data/tables directory and place your custom tables there.

Then launch the mod for your Explore Tab.
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Re: How to use custom AI file
Thanks! It works, now not only I know how to modify tables, but any other file I want, using the new "Toranks1.0.0\toranks\data" folder
FS2 RETAIL seems to work for the main campaign, at least in the tutorial.
In addition, I have learned to combine different mods to my liking in a personal compilation. Before it seemed a bit confusing to me how to use multiple mods with a certain preference. This can be changed on -mod Flag tab, for those who are interested