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Uncharted Territory mission 2 error
On the campaign "Uncharted Territory" I've sometimes run into a technical problem on mission 2.  FYI mission 2 is a red alert mission (as soon as you jump out in mission one you go to the red alert screen for mission 2).

The problem is that when mission 2 begins sometimes some of your wingmen are randomly not there (their circle is red and not filled under the wingmen section which means they're dead).  I can tell they're not supposed to be dead because there is dialogue addressed to them when the mission begins and if they're not there are awkward skips in dialogue sections.  Whereas if they're there the dialogue between the pilots and the Reiul happens.

It never changes how many wingmen start mission two if you quit mission 2 and go to the red alert screen to try again.  However, the weird thing is if you restart the campaign and play from mission one again, sometimes more of your Alpha wingmen are there...replay it enough times and sometimes your whole wing is there.

Is there anyone who works on "Uncharted Territory" here on HLP?