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Hello Everyone!

I've been a long time fan of this game and I've played my fair share of Freespace on newer hardware thanks to all of you. I'm so gratefull that you keep this game running even now!

The Freespace itch struck again and I've installed the game on steam and then installed knossos. Now whenever I launch the game, I get 2/3rds of the game in view and I can't click anthying. I've made a user account just typing and hitting enter, but it seems like the resolution is waaay of.
I've tried running the game in the normal compatibility mode settings. Also tried adapting the screen resolution but whatever I try, it's still the same issue.
I've scanned through the forums and searched on google but I couldn't find this issue anywhere. Does anyone have any idea?

Systen: Windows 11, CPU i5 12600k, RTX 3080 Ti, DDR 5 ram. resolution: 1440p. but I tried everyhting down to 1024x786. 165hz refresh rate (in case it matters)

No crash logs or anything, it seems like the game thinks it's running propery.

Many thanks in advance for your replies

(oh my gosh.. my last post was in 2008.. woops...)
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Check the FSO settings for the build you're using and make sure that the "run in a window" flag isn't set.
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oh my goodness. the issue was the knossos resolution settings.. it was set to a larger resolution then my screen... I feel so dumb now. thanks for trying to help Antares. Appreciate it very much
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