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Hi,  :D

So here my method that works to install Reshade for Open Freespace 2, on Windows 11 (but should works on others Windows).

First : install everything for Open Freespace 2, even the mods you want like the great MediaVPs upgrade.
Second : play the mod, like normal, using Knossos. Then in game, press Win key to get back to your desktop, open the Task Manager, freeze the refresh, and search for a Freespace 2 running program. Check its properties, get the full path (on mine it was C:\Games\FreespaceOpen\bin\FSO-22.2.0\windows\x64_avx\fs2_open_22_2_0_x64_AVX.exe), that's the important part for the next.
Third : Reshade needs to be install were the exe is, so now download the Reshade installer from website, select your previous fs2_...exe (click on Browse...), select OpenGL (important), select all shaders you want install (so all shaders maybe), then that's it. It should launch Reshade at your next play. You will see a top bar, press Home key to enter Reshade settings, then... make your settings (presset) or get some Reshade pressets. Gloom, bloom and irradiance shaders are good with this game, also some filmic sharpen. You got also some great anti-aliasing shaders and some very funny shaders.
Also remember to enable the performance mode once you have edited the shaders.

Enjoy,  :pimp:

Remark : the intro video will saccade, don't panic, it's Reshade that is trying to post-process it, the better is to skip the video (press Esc).