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Convert FS2 save to FSO?
Hello all - searched and searched on the forum and checked the FAQ but couldn't find anyone asking this question. Is there a way to convert the save file from the original game to FSO? So that I could potentially pick up where I left off. It seems that the FSO Installer did not do this so my options are restart or find some kind of converter. I was hoping, since we have access to the source code, we could pull out the information needed from the original CSG files and build the new CSG and JSON files that FSO appears to use.

Any help is greatly appreciated - thank you!


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Re: Convert FS2 save to FSO?

Not really.  In fact, I believe FSO specifically ignores retail pilot files.  This is to avoid irreversibly converting the files to FSO format, making them impossible to play in the retail game.

Some old FSO builds did indeed convert old pilot files, but this was awhile ago... around the time of 3.7 or earlier.

Having said all that... if you copy your retail pilot files from FreeSpace/data/players to %APPDATA%\HardLightProductions\FreeSpaceOpen\data\players, you might be able to load and convert them that way.