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Sorry, another joystick problem thread. :(
[Note: I first posted in the joystick thread below this one hoping to not have to clutter things up with another thread, but I don't think it's getting seen because the original posters question was answered.]

I just reinstalled FS1&2, so I'm using Knossos.

I'm using my trusty (hopefully never dies) MS Precision Sidewinder 2 Joystick. Probably the only thing MS has ever made that actually lasts. lol

The thread below this one talked about using a different version of SDL2.dll and gave a link. Hopefully that will prevent a lot of confusion about why I'm starting off talking about it.

I looked for the SDL2.dll file on my PC and it's in several folders. Knossos, FSO x86 and x64. Hell it's even in my Blender folder. Do I replace the file in each of the 3 folders (so, every one but the Blender one) or just in one, and which one? Also, do I want x86 or x64? I have a folder for both.

I should add that I have my joystick is showing up in my Win10 hardware and I've selected, configered, and calibrated it. I've also gone into Knossos, FSO for FS1 and FS2, and made sure that it is selected and showing in the Joy0 slot and saved.

That all sounds wonderful, but I still get no joystick control. Oh, and yes I did select the joystick in the FS options menu in game and saved it. Despite all that the joystick does nothing and the ship only works with my mouse. :(

Any help you can give me would be great. I'd rather break my fingers then play a space fighter sim with a mouse.......

Amazing work BTW! I've played FS1 & 2 many times over the decades, and a couple times with FSO, but it's been quite a long time since I last took a look at it. You guys have done so many things that way back I remember people within the modding circle saying that half of what you've done simply wouldn't be possible, due the age of the engine. You must have updated the coding like crazy to do this. Props!

Makes me pine for a remake of the Wing Commander series, but I dunno how much the copyright holders would tolerate. (EA or Activision? I can't remember.)



Re: Sorry, another joystick problem thread. :(
Still need help with this.

Since I didn't know which dll to replace I replaced them all. Well, the FSO/Knossos ones I mean.

Ran into an error for Knossos which I think was because that was an x86 dll, so I went on git and got the x64 2.264 version and put in just the Knossos folder as I believe I did download the x64 version since it was an option.

This got rid of the error, but I still don't have joystick control. :(


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Re: Sorry, another joystick problem thread. :(
Ok, first this first, the copies of SDL2.dll need to be the same in FSO and in Knossos.

The FSO instances installed by Knossos is the Library Path within Knossos setting, within the bin/ subfolder.

Secondly, please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.  This will let me see if FSO is able to find your joysticks and if it is assigning them correctly.  I'll also need a screenshot of your joystick selections from within Knossos.
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