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Testers needed for New Path Chapter 2
Hello everyone and happy easter!

Good news: The holidays gave me some time off which gave me the opportunity to continue working on chapter 2 of my mod "New Path" and now I have reached a point where I can start a testing session with other people than myself. But one thing chapter 1 taught me was that I need a broader roster of testers than I had back then to cover multiple different play styles. As a result I need a couple more testers. So, if you have some time on your hands and want to help me, please get in contact with me - either on Discord (Username silverangelx) or via message here.

My current test version 1.9.0 contains all 16 playable missions of the chapter 2 campaign, playtested by me for general mechanical functionality and basic balancing.
Still missing from a content perspective are all the new animations, the new cutscenes and most likely a boatload of polishing...

Thanks in advance for everyone who volunteers.

KR, Silver