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yeah I had a feeling somebody would think that too

lol did I make the super acolyte op enough? :P

Avvvv jeezz, Now to fly around da mothasheep for hours. :P

Why U didn't converted the Chimera Station :( ? No Bishops for good escort mission...
Anyway it's actually a piece of great work. You released a big amount of great memories :)

don't worry I'll get to doing those ships eventually :P

focusing a bit more on cataclysm right now, just did somtaaw command ship.
took a while too cause I wanted it to be moddable, basically you can set different parts to 0 hp so they don't appear in the mission.
will be necessary for eventual cataclysm single player missions so the command ship can change throughout the campaign like it does in cataclysm

You could also make them separate dockable ships.

This way you can put them the the slots you want and you can jettison them.


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