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What are you working on?

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Black Wolf:
I feel like there's probably a lot of work that goes on in the community that people don't necessarily make a big deal out of - stuff that might never get finished or released, but, in many cases, is pretty cool. I thought that at thread like this might encourage people to share their little pet projects, half formed ideas, WiPs - anything FS related that maybe doesn't deserve its own WiP threads. That might mean models, missions, reskins, animations, effects - anything!

Not necessarily interested in secret project work (though if you want to share, go right ahead), just whatever you feel like sharing. And if you have a screenshot, render or other pic, more's the better!

So... what are you working on?

For my part, in addition to project work for TI and BWO (that is progressing guys despite the delay, I swear!) I'm trying to improve my Vasudan texturing - I started by UVing and reskinning Aldo's Hathor class model (this thing - no pics at present, unfortunately, it's stuck on the other machine) and continued by looking at Trashman's Wepwawet, which I decided would work well as a "Colonial One" type heavy diplomatic transport:

I'm also texturing Axem's old Bellonna class corvette, with the intent of using it as a small stealth ship - its awesome concealed turrets make it a very cool candidate for that.

Textured pics in a few days - again, stuck on the other machine.

So, that's what I'm working on. What are you working on?

Most of my actual modding work is essentially done by this point so it's mostly FREDDING now.

However for a potential future project, I'm trying to figure out what would be a good ship to be a descendent design of the Jutland. Any ideas?

Also trying to make Vasudan models look less Vasudan and more "alien" didn't turn out too well imho

Then again I didn't really try for some of the models, so I'll be going back and fixing those up whenever I got spare time.

What are you working on?

Suh-weet. Unfinished model getting finished. I can approve of this enterprise. :)

Also I love that skybox, BTA. ;)

As for me, I've been working on JAD2.22, continuing any effort to fuse the space sim genre with the genre of something else... To that end...

(This Visual Novel script I made is the best and worst thing I've ever made.)

I've been coding a TIE fighter mission converter; i.e. create a "close as possible" .fs2 from a .tie.  Maybe when its done it'll form the basis of some sort of Tie Fighter remake in FSO  :nervous:

(and I don't really have any useful screenies at the moment)

edit: finally fixed my typo

Mad Bomber:
Been throwing together a whole bunch of nonsense into a sci-fi mashup of ridiculous proportions.

Specifically: Freespace (and several fan campaigns thereof), Wings of Dawn, Babylon 5, Star Trek, the Worldwar novels, Escape Velocity, EV: Override, Nodewars (anyone remember that?), Wing Commander, and Battletech/Aerotech, with various bits and pieces of history, alt-history, and pure whimsy thrown in at random.

I'm gonna be sticking to shortish campaigns of maybe 4-8 missions for the most part, starting with a training campaign to introduce people to the setting, and a Regulus campaign once I can make and UV a few minor assets. (I'm starting with these two 'vignettes' because I can stick pretty much entirely to existing models.)

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