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This thread is for Ministers only. Conduct your visible-to-everyone diplomacy in here.

Backroom deals are absolutely allowed, but won't be officially recognized on the map unless they are confirmed in here. So if two factions end up agreeing on a deal behind closed doors, please make a post in this thread to confirm it and to make it offical (by both parties).


People of Terran space, my fellow Ministers in foreign cabinets, and even the... uniquely assertive Cyrvans, hear this proclamation by the authority of Her Majesty!

Her Majesty wishes only peace, and would mourn to see Terrans spilling Terrans' blood. To that end, Britannia and the CRF will wage no unprovoked wars of aggression. But be warned, any violation of our sovereign rights will be met with lethal force by our mighty Fleet (and, we hope, any Nation which values law and sovereignty.)

Britannia proposes a universal TRUCE, to end this tragic period of Cold War between our factions. Any Signatory to this Universal Truce would swear not to take up arms against fellow Signatories, except in case of breach of Truce. Surely, it is in all our interests to seek peace, and in no nation's honorable and reasonable interest to ignore such a plea?

I hope my arrangements with you all will be cordial and professional.

Yours in Honor and Nobility,
Britannian Foreign Minster Lepanto

The right honoured Brittanian Minister truly has waxed lyrical about the benefits of peace and the sovereign rights of each nation.

It is true that the Delest are eager to seek peace - and we have no interest in violating the CRF's (or any other faction's) sovereign territory. Historically, however, the CRF has no extended us the same courtesy. Have we not been pressured to abandon the cornerstones of our society, because they do not fit the CRF's wide-eyed ideals of honour and nobility? Has our population not been accused of being 'sub-human, in-vitro abominations' by the nobles of her Royal Majesty's court? Have not CRF admirals tested our borders, in vain attemtps to 'liberate' the very people who threw them back?

Is that not a blatant attempt to directly influence the internal policies of a sovereign nation? Has not the CRF done what the right honoured Brittanian Minister is decrying?

We do not oppose a universal truce; but we mistrust the faction who proposes it. We fear that, under the guise of peace, the CRF seeks to impose its own (admirable, yet misguided) ideals of nobility to all - and we will not be signatory to such an accord if we are not given guarantees that we will be allowed to safeguard the interests of our citizens and our traditions.

Note that we are more than willing to extend a friendly hand to both other factions; they have shown us the respect the CRF has denied us in the past.

-Fleet Adm. Ivan Kalazonitov (Rtd.)
DD Premier

Greetings to the Sol Union and the Galaxy.
As Minister of Interstellar affairs for the Sol Union it is my great pleasure to announce that after a period of negotiation, discussion and analysis the Sol Union and Delest Dynasty have formalised an agreement for non aggression.

Given the proximity of Sol and Ihefulian a carefully considered treaty is considered essential by both the civilian government and military strategists, so to have this in place is cause for much relief for us all.  That does not mean that we can let our guard down for many threats remain at large but be assured that myself, my department and the military are working hard together to ensure that our hard won democracy is both safe and prosperous.

I thank you all for attending this announcement and wish you a good day.

Greetings to all,

I wish to confirm the announcement made by my counterpart in the Sol Union. Our treaty of non-aggression was the result of much discussion and deliberation on both sides and expresses the profound respect both parties hold for each other. We wish our people to know that our diplomatic corps and our valiant military are working hard to make this galactic sector a safe place for everyone and it is our greatest pleasure to see that our goals are shared by others. With the Ihefulia / Sol borders secured, the chance arises for trade, exploration and cultural exchange, which we hope will lead to exciting new opportunities for all involved. The Cosmos is no less a dangerous place, but we leave our mark on it as best we can, and strive on.

The Delest Dynasty is delighted to reestablish contact with the cradle of humanity and we are looking forward to the days ahead.

Thank you all for attending and for your attention. Please feel free to attend the reception, and ask our diplomats any questions you might have. A further press conference, for more details is arranged for tomorrow, at 11am.


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